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If a word in bold is correct, leave it without any changes. If it is incorrect, retype it correctly: The universe is going to continue to expand for billions of years. Look out! You will hit the car in front (Tiếng Anh - Lớp 11)

Kim Dung
Thứ 6, ngày 15/09/2017 06:59:56

Test 6: If a word in bold is correct, leave it without any changes. If it is incorrect, retype it correctly

  1. The universe is going to continue to expand for billions of years.
  2. Look out! You will hit the car in front!
  3. I am going to do the washing-up tonight, if you like.
  4. Will I carry some of those bags for you, or can you manage?
  5. I know! I am going to have a barbecue for my birthday!
  6. Are you going to just hold this door open for me for a minute? Thanks a lot!
  7. We’ve decided we will try that new restaurant after the play tomorrow night.
  8. We’re going to fly to Jamaica in the summer.
  9. Shall we invite Tony and Tim round tonight?
  10. Will you go to Jason’s party next Saturday?

Test 7: Type the right form

  1. I (cook) dinner by the time you get home.
  2. In a few minutes, I (wait) here for Graig for over two hours. Where can he be?
  3. We’ll be halfway through the sponsored swim in one hour, so we (swim) for forty-eight hours non-stop by then.
  4. They (not finish) painting the house by the time we get back from holiday.
  5. If she’s still on the phone at eight o’clock, Jan (talk) to Melissa for over two hours.
  6. At six o’clock this evening, we (not climb) for five hours but for seven hours.
  7. This time next month, you (probably pass) your driving test.
  8. (you do) all your homework by bedtime?
  9. Tomorrow Elaine (work) on the project for ten days.
  10. We probably (not leave) by the time you get home

Test8: Complete each second sentence using the word given so that it has the similar meaning to the first sentence. Write between two and five words in each gap.

  1. We’ll get home and then we’ll have something to eat. (got)
    We’ll have something to eat ……..home
  2. I’ll finish marking the exams and then I’ll tell you results. (soon)
    I’ll tell you the results …….. marking the exams.
  3. You’ll be travelling across the Sahara next week so remember to wear lots of sunscreen (while)
    Remember to wear lots of sunscreen…..across the Sahara next week!
  4. They’ll show Titan at the cinema and then they’ll release the DVD. (before)
    They won’t release the DVD ……. at the cinema.
  5. My science exam starts at ten tomorrow morning. (taking)
    At ten past ten tomorrow,….. my science exam.
  6. Let’s watch the space documentary before we have supper. (watched)
    Let’s have supper …….the space documentary.
  7. I’ll send out all invitations before lunchtime. (have)
    By lunchtime, …….all the invitations.
  8. Do some revision and then I’ll give you a test. (until)
    I won’t give you a test …….. some revision.
  9. When you visit us, we’ll have moved into our new house. (by)
    We’ll have moved into our new house ……you visit us.
  10. We’ll get some more information and then we’ll make a decision. (once)
    Let’s make a decision ….got some more information.
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